Thursday, March 11, 2010

To never doing without something that you love

I'd forgotten I wrote about listening to Dinosaur Jr on this blog. But I did, and I'm sure it was an awesome post.
Do you want to know what isn't awesome? When you leave your laptop on your record player and the heat warps said Dinosaur Jr record.

That kind of sucks doesn't it? But then, do you want to know something awesome? Your friend, a sweet and thoughtful friend, leaves a parcel at the front door of the yellow house in the U, and inside is a replacement copy she has found on the internet.

I'm not sure what is better - the replacement record.....

or the lovely sentiment attached...

I think you'll know what I think is better. And you know it is funny, because just tonight Taffy and I were talking about music and sentimentality.

He is borrowing my copy of the Pixies Doolittle, and I warned him about losing it - because it is sentimental and all. His point was that if he did lose it, he would buy a replacement and then that would have sentimental value of its own. Which is true (but I still hope you don't lose it).

So now when I listen to Fossil, and looking at the cover, I won't be reminiscing about the version I bought from Waterfront records back in the day. I'll be thinking of the lovely Magda, whose thoughtfulness and generosity constantly surprises me.

Thank you ♥

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