Thursday, April 27, 2017

G to the Z - Record Store Day

Lately my life seems to be guided by translated post it notes with instructions and  directions.  And for this one, I'll admit, when I had help translating the flyer I had doubts about whether this Record Store Day event would even be a thing. 

I had visions of one guys with a crate filled with bad jazz records and a few people selling random dried flowers and sand art.

Turns out I was wrong. After nearly two years, I've discover a record store in Guangzhou....about 15 minutes from my house. This my friends, will go down as one of the greatest discoveries of 2017. 

Vinyl House, 188 - 102 Tiyuxi Heng Street Tianhe. Walk down the street on the right hand side towards Liede. 188 is a real estate agency - turn right, walk through some gates and turn left. Walk up the path and you will see it on the left hand side. An oasis of awesome.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kaiping: take two

Note to self, do not go anywhere in China on a national holiday. Last year, Kaiping....took many many hours to get there, was met by and overwhelming amount of people.

This time...relaxing exploring around the diaolou's in the company of friends. Hardly a soul around. For those planning a day trip from Guangzhou, hire a car and driver. It cost us 250 RMB each and it was worth every mao. 

Where to go? 

Zilicun - rice paddies

The place everybody goes. No doubt that it is beautiful - set around rice paddies and gardens. Draws big crowds though so get in early before the busses roll in.

Chikan - water

The main town. Interesting for a 45 minute wander around (and a good spot for a picnic by the canal), but this town is a bit scruffy around the edges, and not in a way that would draw you back for future visits.

Jinjiangli - biggest

Jinjiangli really was both the biggest and the best. Just that bit further away from the main sites that you avoid the tourist buses and can wander around the laneways, gazing up at some beautiful diaolou's (and if you're lucky) framed by a bright blue sky.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dogs of China - #251


A great shop in one of the best areas to wander around in Guangzhou. Boutique but not in a mass produced way. Restrained but not in a try hard way.  Something you'd expect in a city of 20 million but something that is surprisingly difficult to come across. Find it at number 9 Miaoqianxijie Yuexiu District - use this post-it map, it's helpful...

Monday, April 24, 2017