Sunday, November 29, 2015

Clockenflap - Hong Kong

Something liberating about going to a music festival when you aren't really a fan of any of the bands. Plus how could I miss spending a day in the sun, with the glorious Hong Kong harbour behind me, listening to music I actually understand.  Oh and there was ice-cream. 

So the music. You couldn't have had a better contrast to Swervedriver's (seeming) boredom, to Glen Check's enthusiasm - a great band from South Korea. Massively energetic - think a teenage version of Cut Copy. 

Life Was All Silence is a great band from Hong Kong. I've been listening to them since I arrived and they were the bomb. I missed a bit of their set due to possible ice-cream distraction but the bit I saw was amazing.

Ratatat stole the show all guitars and computer stuff.  Their performance was incredible with projections choreographed to the sounds. Unfortunately though, the most unpleasant fans ever. Lots of pushing. Lots of smoking. Lots of shoving. Lots of pashing off in front of people (we were all squashed in pretty close). Lots of trying to find their friends by waving things around a lot. Lots of annoying.

Mercury Rev was the last band I saw and while I'm not a fan, they put on a great show and their fans while on the verge of a frenzy (lots of screaming girls), were the opposite to Ratatat's. I stood up the front and nobody even touched me. They were theatrical, kind, happy and played a flawless set. Not to Swervedriver...


Fuzhou facts: Capital of Fujian (Fujian, sister state with Tasmania). Great dumplings. Best air quality in China (so they tell me). Nice temples. Lots of square dancing. Weird hotel hallways.

Dogs of China - # 48 (Chengdu edition)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Same same, but different

Guangzhou has a light festival, just like Enlighten in Canberra. Virtually the same give or take a couple of drones and about half a million people.