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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sebadoh and Smudge

Firstly, I love Smudge. They were just as good as I remembered all those gigs all those years ago. Speaking of years ago, how does Alison Galloway look the same age? 

Secondly, if I was able to marry a voice it would belong to Lou Barlow. 

Thirdly, thank goodness that lovely brown hair blue ribbon girl helped me stay to the very end. The last song in the encore was Willing To Wait. 

That alone made it worth a Thursday night 6 hour round trip. I belted that song all the way home.


Things have been a bit depressing here of late. A lame dog will do that to you. A lame dog in the twilight years of his life. A lame dog that you imagine not being there any more. Hold that thought.
One day that yellow dog person was bouncing around - the next day there was pain and sadness. I thought had done his cruciate again. Remember that? So yeah, I thought the worst - pretty much sobbing myself to sleep as I imagined coming home to an empty house. Planning who I would tell at work (so they could take down the dog pictures and ban everyone from talking about it), thinking about changing my twitter handle* so I wouldn't have that constant reminder. Basically my life was exactly like a cliched country song....but sadder and with my ex moving to Islamabad as opposed to Arkansas or Nashville or something.

Anyways, a trip to the vet concluded he just has super bad arthritis - big time bad. But manageable - what a relief. Hold that thought.
The vet told me that once a week for 4 weeks he has an injection. Every day he has a tablet. No problems there. Except as I was leaving she mentioned the tablets were 'pretty expensive, so we'll see how you go'. She did this in an alarmingly hushed tone. Be wary of a vet that whispers, it isn't the same as that dog whisperer dude.
I was holding onto that relief as I blindly handed over my visa card. The thought that my super best furry friend was still okay. Happy thoughts. Hold those thoughts.

About 2 hours later I was brave enough to look at the bill. $74 for 2 weeks of tablets. That is a frick load of money. I calculated how much this was going to cost long term and reflected that it was probably a good thing I cancelled that foxtel subscription. And then I felt a little bad - middle class problem much? So right about now is a good time to go back to the bunch of thoughts on hold. Dog loves you, you love dog. Dog feels better, you feel better. Money - it doesn't buy you love, but it buys you a happier dog.

*is that what a twitter name is called? I think so.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Floriade, you did depress me

Yeah, yeah the flowers are beautiful and all that - but the people.... So many couples pushing their kids around with no smiles in their eyes. Just empty faces going through the motions of what you are all supposed to do with life. Thank god for the tourists! 

The best part about floriade is the amazing posing by the flowers - I saw one guys with his girlfriend and big brown teddy bear, posing amongst the flower beds. There was a beautiful Malaysian girl who was doing a full on model shoot, not shy or self conscious at all (which made her more beautiful). And big families out enjoying the day, buying fairy floss and then picnicking. On the drive out I saw 5 different families picnic by the lake under the weeping willow trees. The tables were covered with tiffins filled with goodness knows what - but i bet it was good. All happy and laughing and with smiling eyes. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Why would someone who is 38 list Midsomer Murders as their favourite tv show, and wonder why they are still single?

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If you can't say anything good ....

Look, I'm not going to say anything - except this is one of the most hideous shopfronts I have ever seen. And there is a blog!!! And it has stacks of followers!!! And it isn't being postmodern or ironic!!! Just ugly.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Govcamp - social media conference for public service nerds

Over the weekend I stopped by Govcamp for a few hours. There was no camping. There was though a bunch of casual talks about using social media in the government context. I'm in the pro camp when it comes to social media as a communication tool in the public service. I can sort of see why there are skeptics, but really I think it just makes sense. You can communicate with stakeholders directly, address misinformation, and target messages. And you can listen.

I'm lucky - I work with a bunch of enthusiastic people who have convinced a bunch of other people of the merits of social media. People criticise and make comments about the resourcing impacts this might have, but there aren't any additional resources - we just all do our bit because we just want to see it work. And it does. 

Plus it's fun. People often think of public servants as cardigan wearing conservatives...but look at us, riding on a wave of modern day technology. Yeah, yeah we may be riding it several years after everyone else, but we were just biding our time. Who wants to have the legacy of a bunch of old government myspace and bebo accounts anyways.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 100 - No Surprises by Radiohead # 1

Song: No Surprises by Radiohead

Story by SinĂ©ad:
The first song that comes to mind for me is “No Surprises” by Radiohead. It isn’t my favourite song but I was watching ‘Spanish Apartment’ and heard this song and an overwhelming feeling came over me. I instantly decided then and there I had to move away and there was so much more to discover in the world. I never stick to anything I say I am going to do so the fact that I actually saved and moved (and am still here nearly 7 years later) is all down to this song. Even though watching the film and hearing the song made me yearn for Europe, when I hear it now I am transported back to my bedroom in Canberra late at night with the windows open, the garden of my childhood outside and it makes me really happy.

Artwork by Karin:

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Does this blog look like the 1990's? Or remind you of a blog from the 1990's? Did they even have blogs in the 1990's? Are the 1990's bad?

I'm not sure if the internet was even invented in the 1990's...

Rose canisters

Ummm...honestly I did need another set of canisters! Part of the Peppergreen bargains.