Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 100 - No Surprises by Radiohead # 1

Song: No Surprises by Radiohead

Story by Sinéad:
The first song that comes to mind for me is “No Surprises” by Radiohead. It isn’t my favourite song but I was watching ‘Spanish Apartment’ and heard this song and an overwhelming feeling came over me. I instantly decided then and there I had to move away and there was so much more to discover in the world. I never stick to anything I say I am going to do so the fact that I actually saved and moved (and am still here nearly 7 years later) is all down to this song. Even though watching the film and hearing the song made me yearn for Europe, when I hear it now I am transported back to my bedroom in Canberra late at night with the windows open, the garden of my childhood outside and it makes me really happy.

Artwork by Karin:


  1. I feel a little famous. Watched the film again a few weeks ago and am listening to the song again now. I feel really happy now! xxx

  2. I'm glad - it was a great one to start. I love the song, I love the movie and I love remembering you planning your trip and particularly love how life has just worked out - that trip was fate for you lil sis!