Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dali - what we did and how we did it

We got a guy called Johnny to drivers from Kunming to Dali. You can find his details on the internets - just google Johnny + driver + Kunming.

We stayed at Dodo guesthouse. It's pretty great except for the rooster and the dog with separation anxiety, but that really isn't Dodo's fault: http://www.dodosguesthouse.com

We ate great breakfast at Bakery 88. Just look it up on trip advisor, but before you go there for breakfast, have coffee at the place about 4 doors up on the same side. I can't remember what it was called but the coffee was good.

Dinner at Duan's is the best. And by the best, I mean really good if your bike gang companion is a vegetarian. Eat their homemade yoghurt - totally mandatory. It is on Renman street. Also the Bird Cafe is a nice place to stop for a tea and a snack.

For drinks there is a micro brewery called Pirate Draft Brew (or something similar). Interesting locally brewed beer just off Renman street on Yeyu South Road.