Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love heart at Heide

The random shape on a wall can sometimes not be so random. Or maybe because I was thinking of love, made me see it in places?

Museum of Modern Art - Heide

The Museum of Modern Art at Heidi is a very special place for me. It has been a long time since I've been back, and a lot has changed. It is a place haunted by images of stories I have read, about Joy and Albert and poor Sweeney.

They weren't all happy when they lived out at Heidi, all of those complicated lives entwined. But they were true to themselves - maybe a little too true in a way. Sharing love, life and all that which goes with it.

Flight #2

These pictures do not do the flight justice...

Well that was an eventful flight. First there was the passenger who refused to pay for his AirAsia pizza. Eventually he coughed up the $11 USD – after it looking like the only option would be for security to escort him to an ATM while we all waited on the plane for him to make payment. It took three air stewards and an hour and a half to work out the issue was around the price difference from KL to Melbourne and visa versa. Yes sir it is cheaper coming from KL because it is cheaper to prepare the food there. We have just come from Melbourne where the cost of living is higher. No sir we can not prepare the food in KL and store it onboard for the return flight. Please sir, you have eaten the pizza, now can we have our money? Sir?

While this was all happening a lady came from down the back and loudly announced the other air steward was a bitch. Just like that. That woman is a bitch, she thinks she is the queen, but she is not the queen – she is a bitch. Apparently she was a bitch because the lady wanted free water.

Just when I thought things had settled down, unhappy lady tried to cause an uprising. It is a basic human right that we have water. And we are trapped, trapped without water and they are impeaching on our human rights. She walked up and down the aisle telling us all not to let the corporations fuck with us. We were the customers, we had rights, and we had the right to complain. And we also have the right to WATER!

And in the end, we had to stay out on the tarmac while the man who wouldn't pay for his pizza was escorted off the airport by 'security'. Security being a man wearing a fluorescent safety vest.

Velvet Horses

I love how you don't have to leave Australia to go to Asia.

Flight #1

Overheard on flight # 1.
"How do you make a hankie dance?"
"Give it a little boogie."

That and three cans of jim beam and coke in the row in front of me, pretty much sum up that flight.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To paint or not to paint

I think part of the reason I'm so whatever it is I am, is that I haven't made one thing forever. And by thing I mean artwork thing. I made a stupid thing for someone a few weeks ago - but that doesn't count. I have ideas to do things, but no time. I'm scared to do things, because if I do I'll be even busier. But if I don't do things I'm not really me. But then I don't feel like doing things because I don't feel quite like me.

Instead I make powerpoints and lots and lots of words. Thousands of words. And hundreds of slides.

But nothing of me.

In five more sleeps there will be something of me.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

The longest goodbye

On the car driving home through the rain I thought of a hundred things to write...poetic things that described how I felt. But through the tears and the rain those words are gone.

He came to say goodbye before moving away. He'll be gone for a while so it might be the last goodbye.

He told me he got married.Married in New York. And I was sad, but happy too. You know, happy because I guess it means all this was not for nothing. I still don't know how this happened, but it did and it is done.

I wanted to ask what it is like to be in love with someone else, to make new friends, and share new jokes and memories. I just can't even imagine. And I can't imagine him in this new life.

He wanted to come back and say goodbye again on Saturday. I think we have already had enough goodbyes for a lifetime. I'll still miss him, even though he was gone a long time ago.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A post about nothing and everything

It is difficult to write about things when pretty much all you have been doing is getting up, going to work, going to bed and doing the whole thing over again.

I'm at home at the moment, working whilst I wait for the man to come and look at my broken oven. I'm not convinced he will actually come, but even if he doesn't, he has given me a morning to mooch around and think and wait. I think I need the thinking bit. I have a lot to think about.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Papped at million paws walk

Sausage dogs were everywhere! I think sausage dogs are the new black.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lark Hill

I've been buying wine from Lark Hill since I moved to Canberra, but haven't been out to the vineyard since the opening of the restaurant. The wine is biodynamic and the menu focuses on regional and seasonal produce - much grown on their own certified biodynamic farm.

It is a beautiful setting - I'd like to go back in warmer months and sit out on the deck. The food was good, not amazing but worth a return to drink the wine and gaze out at the valley filled with vines. Plus good on them for being all sustainable and tasty at the same time.

Check out the wines and menu here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get down low and Pho Pho Pho!

Did you know that Belconnen has the best pho? It is like pho! Like the same pho from Vietnam.
And when it arrives to the table, the aroma just lingers in the air. And you fall under the spell of pho.

Can Tho - 1/38 Weedon Close, Belconnen ACT 2617

Go eat pho.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Message from the Hague

"The Hague is a lovely city, there are so many parks with lots of animals all living together - it made me think of you! There was deer, bunnies, goats, little pony things, ducks, geese, roosters, horses, cows, all in the same field or park, living happily together!"

Sounds like my kinda town.

Lesson not learnt really...because I'm still talking about it here!

A few weeks ago, I learnt a lesson. That lesson is to not write something on this blog, even in jest, if it wasn't something I felt comfortable joking with the person about. Why? Because, what a surprise - the person in question stumbled across said piece.

They took it well - but I was mortified! And a little silly to think that while not many people read this blog, that it wouldn't stop people finding that it was attached to me!

I think that was the bit that freaked me out the most. That someone who knew me through someone else was reading through these bits and bobs and getting to know a bit about me. Which is fine, but a bit weird at the same time.

Does that make sense? Not really because I just re-read that and it isn't true exactly. I love that people whom I don't know very well get to know me through the yellow house. So - I'll put it out there...what I'm talking about is my ex and his girlfriend.

I'm not surprised for him to read it every now and then, but I never considered she might take a peak. I found that weird. But at the same time felt a bit dumb, because if I found out she had a blog I would most likely have a look. But then I've never looked to see if she does have a blog so really I probably wouldn't.

I'll shut up now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rob Ryan

Look at this cool packaging! And check out Rob Ryan's store on etsy. Wonderful work, and the piece at the bottom was for Rulia and Jhys, otherwise known as the Hargners.

Happy wedding days.