Sunday, June 26, 2011

Winter vapour trails

Sorry if this makes you miss the bright blue skies of Canberra town.

Post holiday resolutions

So, I'm not naive enough to think this is going to happen straight away considering my current work environment, but I would like to type out loud:

From the second half of the year, things are going to change in this yellow house.

I'm going to spend less time in Belcompton.

I'm going to cram those 50 odd books into the second half of the year.

I'm going to use the print workshop access I was awarded...hmmm, when was that? 2 years ago?

I'm going to start the work for the exhibition I had planned over 12 months ago.

Aside from work, I'm also canceling pay tv. I was waiting until I had a different system set up, but have decided that I've pretty much not watched any tv over the last 3 months aside from stuff on ABC and SBS. Once I have all this free time I don't want to get distracted by law and order.

I'm also going to teach the dog how to garden, and how to complete my tax returns.

Wait and see.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Next time you are hanging around Tagaytay Philippines, drop by Antonio's. Look at the interior -

The food was good, but truth be told the squid ink roll, followed by the freshest salad (with raspberry vinaigrette) and then the most amazing soup was a hard act to follow and the trio of seafood was a let down.

Ummm...I was going to delete that bit. Seriously - look at this place and I'm whining about the trio of seafoo!?!?!?! Just tell me to shut up. It was a wonderful day, and I'm very lucky to have a job where I can save my pennies and see this kind of shiz (even if the picture of the squid ink roll looks like a lump of coal).

Thursday, June 23, 2011

postcard #12 - Holiday memories

dot to dot drawings in delhi...midnight swim in manila...catching up over rose in downtown dubai...swimming with fish and friends in kapatus...smiling baby...soon to be born baby...sharing dreams and secrets...making stronger friendships and making new memories...being missed and emails from home...missing you...missing no-one and everyone...wishing you were here...dreaming about tomorrow and planning to be shakes made for me...and super dark tea and talks in with lemonade in the and ginger slush in the rain...plastic cheese and real smiles...a warm heart and a lucky me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Legarda House

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Manila with a couple of friends who showed me a wow of a time. Our first night was spent at Legarda House, and hand on heart it was one of the best dining experiences I've ever had....not so much in terms of food, but in atmosphere and specialness, and just wow!

The house was built in 1937 and was one of the first art deco houses in Manila. A Dr and his wife lived there and it is still used by his family today.

When you arrive you are taken out the back for a refreshing drink, and you can relax in the beautiful garden with its glorious trees and pretty lights.

Then the interior - you get a tour of the house and each room still contains the families keepsakes and mementoes. It is so personal, beautiful, interesting and intimate. The food is pretty okay too! Served on family china we ate gazpacho with fresh crab, paella, eggplant salad, slow cooked roast pork and then dessert.


flight # 17

I can't believe there were 17 flights. I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow.

And the dog has apparently made the most of the food at the kennel. A friend who saw him tonight kindly offered he may also have a winter coat. He looks like a footstool.

postcard #11 - US War Memorial in Manila

postcard #10 - Taj

Flight # 16

AirAsia was brave enough to fly through the ash cloud and I have made it to Melbourne. There was a lot of reassurance throughout the flight when we hit any turbulence - THIS IS TURBULENCE AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ASH CLOUD!

Flight #17 has been delayed a tiny bit, but fingers crossed I'll be back at the yellow house in the u in the next few hours...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sanchali means 'movement' in Sanskrit and aims to be a bridge between the past and modern day living. I bought these earrings at their shop in Delhi. They are beautiful, and not only that - the idea is that Sanchali aims to provide rural women with the opportunity of financial independence by training them how to make jewellry from recycled materials.

If you are interested take a look at their blog.

Next time I'm in Delhi I will be back! I bought these at O LAYLA, 21 Hauz Khas village,New Delhi.

Flight # 15

Fairly uneventful, except for the horrible middle aged men, with their beer guts, shorts, socks, clogs, short pony tails and raybans.

Bye bye Manila.

postcard #9 - Dogs in Delhi

postcard #8 - Silhouette of blue mosque

Monday, June 20, 2011

Taj Mahal

Beauty of India

Flight 13 & 14

Singapore airlines - you suck. If you put a control box and bolt it to the seat in front, thus removing the leg room by 50% you should not charge full price for said seat.

Flight 14 from Singapore to Manila is a whirl of catching up on sleep and trying not to slobber too much.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best Indian ever

I was lucky enough to be taken out to dinner by my diplomatic pals to one of the best Indian restaurants in the universe - Bukhara.

Bill Clinton ate there about 5 times when he was in Delhi. But he wasn't there last night. Nor was Hilary.

The best test is about thinking about the food the next day..I'm still thinking about that dahl. Oh my - that dahl. I can not describe how wonderful it was. Sorry.

The paneer was huge soft parcels of cheese. The lamb was soft and melt in your mouth. Chicken not tops but okay. But the butter naan. Buttery, bready wonderful.

The bibs we had to wear though were just awkward. And the conversation we had to overhear by the annoying American was not tops - luckily to food and company made up for all that. One gazzillion stars.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flight # 11 and #12

Flight # 11 would have been uneventful, except about 10 minutes before boarding I discovered my next flight had been changed...taking off 6 hours early, and at the exact same time this flight landed....

Arrived at Dubai and had to find the Air India office, which ended up being a pokey room filled with 6 people, about 17 empty boxes, 6 computers and an antiquated filing system. Two visits, and several hours later I was on a different carrier bound for India. Thanks Air India. You kinda suck.

I arrived at 3:45 am - exactly why I had not chosen said carrier and was greeted to a sleeping house, but a lovely welcome.