Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lemongrass and Ginger Hot Toddy

Last night when I looked up this recipe the only thing I paid attention to was the word 'bowl' next to hot toddy - hence my choice of drinking vessel. Bowl!! Yes please! But then I had already had 2 cocktails, nothing much to eat that day, and as it turns out a raging fever. So while I was very excited by the idea of a bowl of cocktail, let's just say the motivation was in fact medicinal.

Get a big mug and put some brown sugar and hot water in it. Stir and add a big glug of really good whiskey (I would actually recommend using cheap whiskey but didn't have any and again this was a medical emergency)

Drizzle in some honey (and in a stroke of genius because I didn't have lemon), brew some lemongrass and ginger tea and add to the mug. 

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