Monday, September 26, 2011


Things have been a bit depressing here of late. A lame dog will do that to you. A lame dog in the twilight years of his life. A lame dog that you imagine not being there any more. Hold that thought.
One day that yellow dog person was bouncing around - the next day there was pain and sadness. I thought had done his cruciate again. Remember that? So yeah, I thought the worst - pretty much sobbing myself to sleep as I imagined coming home to an empty house. Planning who I would tell at work (so they could take down the dog pictures and ban everyone from talking about it), thinking about changing my twitter handle* so I wouldn't have that constant reminder. Basically my life was exactly like a cliched country song....but sadder and with my ex moving to Islamabad as opposed to Arkansas or Nashville or something.

Anyways, a trip to the vet concluded he just has super bad arthritis - big time bad. But manageable - what a relief. Hold that thought.
The vet told me that once a week for 4 weeks he has an injection. Every day he has a tablet. No problems there. Except as I was leaving she mentioned the tablets were 'pretty expensive, so we'll see how you go'. She did this in an alarmingly hushed tone. Be wary of a vet that whispers, it isn't the same as that dog whisperer dude.
I was holding onto that relief as I blindly handed over my visa card. The thought that my super best furry friend was still okay. Happy thoughts. Hold those thoughts.

About 2 hours later I was brave enough to look at the bill. $74 for 2 weeks of tablets. That is a frick load of money. I calculated how much this was going to cost long term and reflected that it was probably a good thing I cancelled that foxtel subscription. And then I felt a little bad - middle class problem much? So right about now is a good time to go back to the bunch of thoughts on hold. Dog loves you, you love dog. Dog feels better, you feel better. Money - it doesn't buy you love, but it buys you a happier dog.

*is that what a twitter name is called? I think so.


  1. Oh I'm so sad to hear that (tear in eye, lump in throat). I know Charlie's medication was expensive, but I don't know how expensive because Fiona always got the prescriptions filled.

    The dogs are worth it though.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dog. It's so hard when a pet is sick & there's not much you can do.

  3. Thanks - he is much better and it is worth it. But I guess a sign he won't be around forever...something I best not think about too much.

    Welcome back home Alli!