Sunday, September 25, 2011

Floriade, you did depress me

Yeah, yeah the flowers are beautiful and all that - but the people.... So many couples pushing their kids around with no smiles in their eyes. Just empty faces going through the motions of what you are all supposed to do with life. Thank god for the tourists! 

The best part about floriade is the amazing posing by the flowers - I saw one guys with his girlfriend and big brown teddy bear, posing amongst the flower beds. There was a beautiful Malaysian girl who was doing a full on model shoot, not shy or self conscious at all (which made her more beautiful). And big families out enjoying the day, buying fairy floss and then picnicking. On the drive out I saw 5 different families picnic by the lake under the weeping willow trees. The tables were covered with tiffins filled with goodness knows what - but i bet it was good. All happy and laughing and with smiling eyes. 

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