Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Want to see what $2000 looks like?

And I was right to be worried about this...and seriously why didn't I get someone to come with me to the vet when I should have got someone to help me take him home. The vet nurse carried him to the car, then when I got home there was a scuffle to get out, a tangle of lead and then near choking as he hung out the door. It was nearly two grand down the drain!

Once he was free of that, I had to carry him into the house. In stages....many stages. It wasn't so much the 28 kilograms of dog, (plus and extra five for that bandage), but the awkwardness of it. I also may or may not have dislocated my neck during the choking incident, so the combination of all of that made for quite palaver!

Anyways he is home now. I've told him not to be too self conscious about the bandage. No-one will notice it - quite subtle don't you think?

PS - don't you think it is funny that his markings make it all the way down to his skin? Look - here he is naked!


  1. He looks surprisingly chipper in the third photo...GET WELL SOON B-HEAD xxx

  2. I think he was still winded in that one. He has had a reasonable evening. Visit by Magda, hand fed kibble dinner, carried outside, now back inside reading your get well message. BTW he say thanks xx

  3. That's one serious bandage!