Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Made a quick trip to Sydney to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play the Hordern Pavilion. Sorry I didn't take my laptop with me to tell you about it sooner, but me and the laptop needed a bit of time out.

Anyways if I had taken the laptop with me you would have got a much more garbled account of the concert mixed in with talk about bubbles, bellinis and broken toes. And seeing as though you only marginally care when I write about tangible stuff, I'm pretty certain the care factor of you reading my post gig account would have been minus zero.

See I'm doing it anyway, and I'm sober.

It was such an excellent gig, and if you ever get the chance to see them live, go.

I was lucky enough to go to the gig when they toured 2006 at a the Enmore Theatre. You've got to love that venue, and that show was much more intimate, there was much more dialogue and you could see all the theatrics that go along with a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show. But for my money, the show on Friday night was so much better. Okay it was hard to see, and the Hordern is just a great big shed - but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have kind of matured I'd say. They sounded tight, Karen O's voice range is phenomenal, and while I like the costumes and theatrics and stuff - for me, it is more about the music, and thats what Friday night was all about.

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