Friday, January 15, 2010


Just before the end of last year, I posted about the work of Austin Kleon - he is the artist that blacks out newspaper articles to make very clever artwork. His work is featured on this fantastic website 20x200. Their website is all about affordable art, and linking people who want to sell art with people who want to buy it, so anyone who loves art can be an art collector! Now, with all the interesting work being made around the world and with the internet helping us to buy it - there is no excuse for not buying original art. Seriously, original work is now often more affordable than posters pimped by ikea. No excuse.

Anyway, stepping down from the soapbox, 20x200 introduces two new pieces of art a week, all in limited editions. Today they are releasing a new edition by Austin Kleon from his Newspaper Blackout series called Agoraphobia. The text in this work is beautiful.

May this year be the year you start/build on your art collection!

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