Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amy Ruppel

What is with all the cool stuff that comes out of Portland? I think Portland is the new Brooklyn. The end.

Well not really the end. Could an illustration be any more awesome? How cute it that fox! You can check it out on her blog. You should have a look at Amy Ruppel's website and buy stuff. I love her work, especially her series on state animals. And I also love the fact that she makes beautiful affordable art.


  1. Is the fox gay? I'm just sayin', that headdress? Little foppish.

    -Dorian Gray

  2. Hi Dorian

    I asked the internet and it said "Being gay is a human social concept that can't really be applied to animals. While same-sex sexual behavior occurs in all higher animal species, it's technically not correct to call this "gay." "

    So the fox may be attracted to same sex foxes, but the label of gay, according the above, is not correct.

  3. M'dear

    Dorian is quite right, and you quite wrong. on two counts in fact:

    Firstly: Even if I were to accept the premise of your retort - The fox is anthropomorphic to start with, you can't have a picture of a fox socialising with another animal, using drum sticks, wearing a (gay) hat and then deride someone for treating it as human.

    Secondly: I reject the premise of your answer, 'gay' is not confined to meaning the social concept surrounding homosexuality, in fact according to the OED it also means 'homosexual'. There are also various other uses of the word, none being relevant here.

    Richard Trench

  4. Richard, are you by chance related to Mariana?

    To clarify it was the internet who gave that answer. So it is in fact the internet who is wrong - if you and Dorian are right.

    I am just right about the fox being cute and Amy being talented.

  5. But the internet is never wrong.

    J. Wales.

  6. This was fun to read.

    You have interesting readers who have intelligent views.


    G. Ypsy.