Wednesday, November 18, 2015

China - week 18

Week 18 brought my first birthday celebrated in China. I was lucky enough to have a friend visit for that auspicious day and even luckier to spend the weekend hanging out with her and my panda loving friends. 

Birthdays aside, week 18 was filled with discovering food options at Ikea. Fresh salmon, brie and pear cider...this is a big win my non living in G to the Z friends. The small joy of buying orange blossoms from a flower selling man set up with his baskets outside the subway station. And the big joy that 5 RMB can bring in the form of a helium balloon. 

While he 'aint no honey-baby, this little demented balloon made me smile.

1 comment:

  1. Food options at IKEA, eh? Do you have to assemble it yourself?

    Also, those eyes on the balloon are a bit scary. It's quite psycho looking.