Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Christmas fizz (mandarin cocktail)

Mandarins are plentiful in G to the Z so I'm often trying to find ways to use them, and what better use than a seasonal cocktail. Though I should fess up...I made this at Christmas time and forgot to write the proportions down. BUT I'm nearly certain it was about:

150 mls sugar syrup
Juice of around 2 lemons
A crap load of mandarins juiced
About 200 mls campari
A half bottle of sparkling wine

I juiced the mandarins in a blender and mixed them in with the water and sugar syrup and boiled them until the sugar dissolved.

Once that cooked I ran through a sieve and mixed in lemon juice and campari and chilled. 
To serve, top up  jug filled with sparkling wine
. Pour, and squeeze a strip of orange zest over the top and drop the zest in the glass and top with a little more sparkling wine.

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