Monday, March 8, 2010


Driving into Newtown last Thursday night, I spent the whole time driving down King street reminiscing about days gone by. I'd forgotten about how much time I had spent in Newtown.

As a kid, driving all the way across the city to go and see out family doctor - Dr Rosenberg. It really was a very long way to go, but that's what we did. Driving in the hot car in summer, bumper to bumper down King street. Newtown was a different place back then, and full of continental deli's and butchers. I guess thats why we went there....

And then I went back to Newtown as a uni student. The days spent at Alice street and nights at the Bank Hotel. And 50 Million Beers always playing at the Sandringham. My first art markets, my first exhibition - all in Newtown.

So driving up King street, I noticed all that has changed, but you know? Some things have stayed the same.

PS I looked out for you to say hi!


  1. I miss that old Bank beer garden..
    I feel nostalgic on King st too and I walk down it almost every day.
    Where you ever an Erskin-villian? I was only for 3 months or so, they are pretty exclusive down that way, but this is cool

  2. ps. I didn't even realise that the 'you' linked to me till I scrolled back up the page - Oh Shucks! I wish you had!