Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On the drive to work

I sometimes like the drive to work, and often I like it better than the drive home. Don't get me wrong, the drive home is a great way to unwind. I often go too fast, and play the music too loud - but once I hit the yellow house, work is a world away.

But the drive there...it's different. I think about the most random things and that's kind of nice. Today I thought about my lovely friend who is a countryside away. With all the nice things I was thinking I was going to give her a call to say, you know what? I think you are pretty awesome, and you should know that. But instead I wanted to write it down to share.

Now during the last few years, I've really learnt the value of friendship. I know I'm lucky because I have some wonderful friends who I treasure more than anything. Those friends have helped me deal with the crap of the world, like I'm sure lots of friends do - but for me, with the very unexpected crap that came my way, I needed those friends more than they will ever know.

So the friend that I was thinking about today, she is so thoughtful. For my birthday she (and her boy) bought me earrings, and at christmas a beautiful ring. Do you know I remember thinking how nice it was to be given jewelry, because I had 14 years of jewelry that hurt my heart to wear. And do you know is the best? This friend purposely bought me jewelry for that reason, to help me have new memories and to help mend my busted heart.

So as I was driving to work today, wearing those earrings, my friend who is very far away became nice a close.


  1. I wore a necklace that my lovely A O & N gave me for my 21st.. I know exactly what you mean.

    (and as sucky up as this sounds but I would totally buy you sparkly things. you are ace.)

  2. That's not sucky at all - that is plain lovely ♥

    It is nice to get new jewelry and new memories, especially on occasions like a 21st. I'm also going to do my best to try and wear the old stuff I have and remember the good times and not the sad. We'll see how that goes!