Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bentley Bar

The Bentley Bar is now a fancy restaurant that serves parmesan custard, and spatchcock the size and shape of a squash ball. Odd.

They also have particularly orderly chips.

I had the chance to read up about the chef while waiting for these photos to upload...and now it all makes sense. Brent Savage used to work at Marque, which was one of the most challenging menus I've ever chosen from. The techniques used at Marque were pretty amazing and that restaurant certainly pushed the envelope in terms of gastronomic wizardry. Bentley Bar, like Marque, is worth trying just for the experience - but probably not the sort of place you'd go back to again and again. It is the sort of place you shake your head and wonder how?

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  1. Try a Godfather for a pre-drink but miss the black sesame fondant for entree.