Friday, March 26, 2010


So the other night I was walking down Goulburn Street and there were a bunch of kids hanging around the front of an office block. This guy kind of stood up, and sort of swaggered in his skinny black jeans, took off his shirt and started breakdancing. He reminded me of that famous Canberra kid Dominic Death.

You've got to love a gang, hell bent on taking over the city by breakdancing.


  1. Have you moved back to Sydney? You are eating and walking all around the damn town. If so you can join my dance crew.*

    (*no such thing yet exists)

  2. It is good there is no dance crew - I am not a good dancer. If there was to be a dance crew I could be in charge of bringing the linoleum for you to spin on.

    Shhh I am in the big smoke for work.