Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Bodega...

10 reasons why I love you...

Marinated olives
Mushrooms in garlic
Chorizo with sofrito
Piquillo peppers stuffed with bacalao
Fried calamari
That unbelievable warm octopus salad
House cured ham with potato salad
Slow cooked lamb loin
Old memories of the taffy and charlie v roadtrip and now new memories of dinner with the family
The winelist and the best waitstaff in Sydney

* I realise this may be 12 reasons, but if we all ignore the fact that I combined 2 reasons in the last 2 points we can just be comfortable that the list equals 10.

I also wanted to list the good looking chef, his beautiful wife, the red velvet curtain, the prettiness of Commonwealth avenue on a warm Autumn night...but I will stop at 10.


  1. I want to visit your Bodega! It looks like a really fun place :)

  2. sounds very enticing, I may have to try it out.....

  3. It was yummy. In particular the house cured jamon was seriously melt-in-the-mouth delicate.