Friday, March 5, 2010

Talon, Inducing vomiting, 24 hour vet hospital

What do all those things have in common? They were google searches I conducted on Friday night. Yep - the Friday night after the Thursday night where I'd had 5 hours of sleep before going to work. You'd also be right in thinking it was the same Friday night following the Fri-day at work where, on 5 hours of sleep I worked until 6.30pm without stopping even for lunch.

It was also the Friday night previously known as the Friday night where all I wanted to do was drink Clover Hill until it seeped out of my eye sockets, and watch Greys Anatomy via a non illegal streaming process from the internet.

So what went wrong? I suspect the dog being locked up inside for a significant chunk of time during the past 36 hours has something to do with it. Bored much? Either way, next time my dog barks in boredom while I'm watching Meredith Grey whinge about something, I'm going to pay attention to the dog. Why? Because before you know it, that very dog is taunting you by ripping apart a box of mice bait for fun and attention. Look at me! I have the box which was hidden behind the toilet cistern. Hello - look...found it! LOOOOOK!!!

So, did he eat any? I suspect not... much...but maybe.

So I googled Talon. Yeah not so great for pets to eat that stuff. Brodifacoum, Talon's active ingredient, is a long lasting anticoagulant poison that can affect a wide range of verbrate species, including humans, domestic animals and pets. You can ring this 1300 number for assistance. We won't actually answer it, but it does make us seem helpful and responsible if we put it on out website.

Next I googled how to make him vomit. Hmm don't have hydrogen peroxide and a syringe handy. But that video sure is educational!

Next google search, the 24 hour vet hospital, and a car ride to a new adventure.

Hello Belgian vet girl on exchange. Look...I'm cowering, shy, submissive and cute. Oh, are you cooing at me? Cool we can be friends.

Lady with the stethoscope, I'm going to make you work for it. So you're going to crouch down to tell me how cute I am. Works for me, I'll come with you to yack my guts up. And off he trotted off with his new super best friend and her friend for half an hour to puke while I got to stay in the examination room looking at a chart on venomous snakes, and another chart on ticks and louse. Friday night - rock and roll!

So after all that you might want to know if he is going to be okay. I did get to look at the contents of his stomach, and it appears he ate just one small pellet. But just to be sure he is on a course of vitamin K1. And yeah - this is a long, detailed, boring post about my dog...but it makes me feel better to get something else out of the $260 trip. It also makes me feel better to know as a 10 month old puppy he never broke into a pantry to eat 3 packets of chips and a giant bag of cashews and some chocolates. Beagle fans out there (and I know there is at least one of you) be warned.

And now he sleeps. And yes I gave him star ball back. He faced death in the eye, so he deserves it.

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  1. Bad BH...I don't know why he hates Clover Hill + Grey's so much, a well deserved combo I'd say. Glad he's ok though.
    Ps: thanks for the heads up on bad beagle behaviour, I'll keep that up my sleeve in the 'beagles stay outside the house' argument, once we move into a puppy-friendly house. Pps: when I was growing up one of the many things our 'lives outside' dog ate was an entire packet of rubber party balloons and survived. Unscathed. Which is more than I can say for us when we discovered she was pooping balloons.