Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Place & Yours -Behind the Camera

My Place and Yours has moved. Check it out over here at helloowl!

This weeks theme is behind the camera.
I cheated and used a photo from last winter.
I'm not feeling so photogenic this week.

So a snippet about about the girl from the yellow house...
I live in a yellow house in a street shaped like a U.

The roof is made of tin, to make the rain sound nice.
There are vapour trails in the sky
and squirrels, foxes and deer play in the garden.
Okay there are no squirrels, foxes or deer,
but there is a dog and a possum. And a deer.
Maybe a pretend one?

Sometimes I think in German, and I often laugh in English.
I like making friends with shopkeepers,
and having crushes on strangers.

I don't like disloyalty or unfairness.
I love hello kitty and you.


  1. A tin roof is the best thing when it's raining! Pity about the squirrels, foxes and deer.

  2. what an adorable photo and i see you too have a crazy loving border collie aren't they a treat! rx

  3. great photo. easy to see why you chose it. i love the sound of rain on my tin roof too(except when it came flooding in last weekend) boo hoo. say hi to the squirrels fox and deer if they come back