Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello Afghanistan

Today I took a surprise call from Afghanistan. It made me feel better about things, and now the girl from the yellow house feels like she is back. It has been a terrible, stressful, ridiculous time - and the irony is that... that call made me feel a whole lot better.

Those in the know, will be shaking their head. And for those in the not - the caller from Afghanistan was the boy who broke my heart.

But you know, it might seem silly that I still worry about what he thinks, but I do. So hearing that he was okay about stuff, put my mind at ease and just went. Dunzo.

Aside from all that drama, we talked about life in Afghanistan and it sounds beautiful. Yeah the base is dusty, but the landscape in and out sounds wonderful. Barren brown mountains, and blue open sky. Nothing like anywhere else.

And to me it still takes my breathe away. How did I end up sitting in an office in Canberra, talking to you in a place like Afghanistan, while I stare at a an empty shopping mall and you eat a muesli bar. A muesli bar in Afghanistan.

It is like nothing has happened and things stayed the same, when really they couldn't be more different.


  1. It's like an ode to nostalgia! And I think I understand the heart theme you use a lot in your art now. :) (that is a sad little smile)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a whole lot better xxxx