Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday spent....

Driving up that long boring highway, eating wizz fizz in the car. Wizz fizz is hard to eat while you drive you know. Stickers were hidden around the back of the car, and I'm sure there are more than six 102 dalmations...does that equal 612 dogs? I'll be finding those in weeks to come.

The afternoon spent on King street walking up and down in the sun. Skirt from Dragstar and a red top with polka dot trim. Oh and a skirt with owls from that cute shop with the rabbit head in the window. Walked past the Sando, girls singing out the front. Coffee at the place on the corner, where the gypsy stole all my milk. Dinner at Pizza e Birra on Crown washed down with Trumer Pils.

The night was spent listening to one of the best albums ever, played from start to finish. Kim Deal still sings like the angel she is, as the crowd (for the most part) relived their past and remembered those songs, those amazing songs. Big disc aglow from the sides of the stage with sepia film a dream like backdrop behind the wall of sound.

1 comment:

  1. Damn gypsies. Always after a girls milk.

    Next time you come, we should have a milk* together!

    *I mean wine not milk.