Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wish You Were Here - Nambucca Heads

Among my most memorable holidays are beach holidays with Charlie and Shep. I don't know what made me first think of renting a cottage at the beach. Actually I do. I loved going to my mum's cottage at MacMasters, but I wanted a new beach to explore.

We went to a few places over the years. But wherever we went, we took a floatie toy for Shep. He was obsessed. Obsessed.

Summer or mid-winter, as soon as the floatie toy appeared he was fixated on it. It required planning and coordination to distract Shep, then hide the toy from sight, so we could leave the beach and go home with out a yelping and jumping-up tantrum. We also had a protocol for when to stop: "If you are too tired to shake yourself, you are too tired to chase that floatie toy out into the surf again.". Sometimes we would wait a bit longer and he would give a weary shake. Fling the floatie toy and Shep would burst into action again.


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  1. Still get a lump in my throat...

    I like the tucked back ears, and he did carry that floatie toy by the little tab because of cause the main disc of it would be quite sandy and gritty.