Monday, March 2, 2015

Wish You Were Here - Far South Coast NSW

When I was a child I lived in what is now known as 'the Shire' but my grandparents lived on a farm on the far south coast of NSW. We had holidays at the farm. Sometimes we went as a family and Dad used to toot the horn on the car in a special way as we came down the last hill on the highway before the turn-off to the farm. 

A couple of times we went to the farm on our own, just one of my brothers and I. It was when Mum was having another baby. We had a pet lamb on one visit but the next time we went the pet lamb had turned into lamb chops. We used to help Grandpa with the chooks and sometimes we would find a nest of eggs with dozens of eggs in it that we would be allowed to throw at a post because many of them would be rotten. 

My Nanna was my special friend and she called me her 'treasure'. Eventally we all moved to the farm and even though it was no longer a holiday destination and there was much work to be done by all, and life was not always easy, it is the place that restores my spirit and a sense of peace in this crazy world.


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