Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wish You Were Here - Kyoto

Since I was old enough to remember, the pictures in our family album of Kiyomizu-dera fascinated me – the graceful, yet strong beauty of the wooden supports, make the temple stage seemingly both float above the trees, yet be firmly grounded on the mountain. 

From my first visit at the age of five, it has drawn me back whenever I am in Kyoto – to see it appearing from a sea of blossoms, or in a green flush of leaves, embraced by autumn hued momiji, or surrounded by the bare branches of winter. 

Even the name Clear Water temple on Sound of Feathers Mountain gives it a mystique that inspires and delights me – feelings that capture my love of Japan – its natural beauty, art, architecture, language, food, culture, and of course, its people.


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