Friday, March 6, 2015

Wish You Were Here - Italy

My happy moment in Italy

It was unexpected and perhaps that is why it became my happiest moment in Italy. Or perhaps it was the Italian opera in the background that made me feel so happy. Could it have been the fact that we were alone, away from everyone sitting on the edge of the canal? Maybe it was the water that offered that sense of tranquillity with the sun light illuminating between the spaces of the walls and onto the water. It could have just been the gelato? It must have been that feeling of accomplishment. We did find that artwork after all. What were the odds? But it was the simplest, happiest moment I had with you. Sitting there, with the fresh breeze through my hair, watching Italian men and children rowing their boats, watching the reflection in the water and staring back at you and enjoying the moment. Thank you for sharing that moment with me. I wish we could relive that moment again.


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