Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Is Not New Zealand. Home Holiday - Day 1

So I'm on holidays and I was supposed to go to New Zealand. And now I'm not. And there are a million reasons (well about 4) why I am not on a plane right now, and that's ok, because I'm here and this is where I should be. 

Last night was the start of my home holiday. 6pm precisely - as I was cooking brownies, baking ricotta, making salad and roasting chicken. Speaking of that, here's a tip. Don't cook a 4 course meal after a busy work week in under 2 hours. It's not going to end up as well as you might hope. Saying that, the cocktail was so good I didn't even take a photo. Booze for the win! Blood orange, whiskey, some pink grapefruit, mint and a nip of sugar. Lots of ice.

I did take some photos of the brownie which was made on a pretzel crust. Pretzel crust fail but brownie a success. Same for the salted caramel sauce which I may or may not use for milkshakes this week. Shut up! I'm on home holiday.

Scrabble featured heavily during the beginning of this home holiday as did several hours of listening to 80's music. Things I learned? 

Scrabble is not a team sport and I will never beat this scrabble ninja. Negatory on that. 

It is also harder to play on a board compared to the internets.

It isn't a good sign of your scrabble abilities that your senile dog is deemed better than you by all parties involved (including yourself).

Some 80's music is still fantastic. 

The girl from Swingout Sister has the most amazing hair. I'm a little in love.

It is better not to sleep during home holidays because (and I was going to dot point this BUT I'M ON HOLIDAY SO WILL NOT)

a) you get a lot more home holiday time 
b) it ends up making you feel jet lagged like you HAVE travelled overseas when in fact you have not left the Australian Capital Territory.

Home holiday continued nicely on Saturday with a lovely lunch at Autolyse in Braddon. A bucket of coffee, a chicken salad and good company while sitting outside watching the world go by. You know the kind of day when the weather is just right - warm with a slight breeze. Well that. 

And the rest of Day 1? Some time at the art supply shop and a holiday purchase to help make some things throughout the week. 

The afternoon was then spent planning the intricate details of home holiday week whilst drinking french champagne, eating Sicilian olives and picking at cold leftover roast chicken. The Foals playing loudly and salted caramel sauce at the ready in the fridge. Dog snoring - and I might run a bath. This. This is alright.

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