Sunday, January 19, 2014

The European

So I think the European used to be at Griffith shops, which coincidently are the best shops in Canberra town. For those not from or familiar with Canberra, local shops are something to be celebrated. Little pockets of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants - and it you are really lucky, the occasional bar.

This European has moved to new digs in Kingston, where the old Artespresso site. Nice job on the interior but you know what I wish they would do? Proper Sunday brunch. Yes. With Mimosa. Just like in New York but more conveniently located. 

The three of us shared some dishes, which were ok, but given the array of good eating places now available across this fine sitter - there was little wow factor. I'd go back to try the Croque Monsieur because I've never met a fried up toasty filled with ham and cheese sauce that I've not liked. 

What did we eat? Pasta special which was a solid lamb ragu, veal with tuna (like a vitello tonnata) which was quite nice, and a very ordinary fig salad. All in all - kinda homely with a nicer fit out than most homes, but not nice enough to stay for dessert. Hello Penny University (again). More on that later. 

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