Saturday, January 11, 2014

86 - stopped counting

I sort of kept my word about not writing about 86 - I've been once and didn't tell you about it. Didn't post a photo either. But now they have a new menu and you really should know about. So by going back on my word I'm doing you a service. You're welcome.

So what's not to be missed? The egg ravioli which I'm missing a photo of. You can imagine how incredible it was - just right egg cased in perfect pasta. The fried chicken (Japan style) was also was a winner,as well the salmon with citrus and blue eyed cod amazing. 

It's got to be said that some are put off by the unusual service (yeah yeah - I was overwhelmed first visit too). Just so you know, today we were a table of 7 that spanned an age range of around 70 years and we were all looked after 100 per cent. The youngest thought it was the best restaurant ever and for someone still in primary school she has a pretty discerning pallet. We also got first dibs on writing in the bill book, and in her view unicorns are officially awesome as is 86. When we left, the staff said 'bye family'. Yep. Awesome.


  1. How did you share the pair of chicken maryland pieces between seven people?

  2. We just usually break it up - the meat is really tender so it isn't that hard. Was a bit spicy for the kids so there was extra for the non kids!