Thursday, January 23, 2014

Animal beer tasting (part 1)

Girl of the yellow house in the U (Girl)
Dave the incredible rock slayer (of doom) and friends (Dave) (who is 8 foot tall and able to slay rocks with a might sword)

Girl: Dog beer - AKA Helen Keller Beer

Looks like beer. Pretty colour, a nice sandy sort of colour. Quite bitter on the pallet. Some might say hoppy. I might say that too given I don't know anything about beer.

Dave: Helmuth Kellerbier - AKA Dog beer

It left me blind. Happy beer. Light with no harsh aftertaste. The Girl got mixed up between Helen Keller and Anne Frank. I ate cauliflower. 

Girl: Kitty Cat Beer

Light beer, not hoppy (well that's what Dave said until he changed his mind). The chilli is making it a bit hard to tell the depth of this beer on the pallet. The taste changed after eating the thai beef salad (which was delicious thanks!) I liked the picture of the cat, though it was pointed out to me after I said that, that the cat was wielding a bloody chainsaw. Ironic that Dave the incredible rock slayer (of doom) and friends would notice that.

Dave: Wicked Wheat - AKA Cat Beer

Milder than the dog beer but still a little bit hoppy - and it has more of an aftertaste, or is that the thai beef salad messing with my taste buds? The cat had a chainsaw!!!

Girl: Owl Beer

Tastes like coffee. Looks like coffee. Is it coffee?

Dave: Sweet Stout - AKA Owl Beer

Bit bitter, but gentle aftertaste. Sharpish edge. Tastes like roasted coffee beans. Still quite light though.


Girl: I don't know what it was called but it didn't have an animal on the label

It was hot. I was thirsty. I drank it too quickly and it impaired on my fußball ability. Plus I wasn't wearing glasses.

Dave: Cruzcampo - AKA non animal

Light and easy. It seriously affect the Girls goalkeeper in a game of table football. I was the talk of the club and accepted the world cup from a smiling club secretary.

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