Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday spent….

Sunday was a busy - lazy day. It was spent making muesli, running shuffling, letting sleeping dogs lie, bike riding, reading while drinking iced coffee, building ramps, taking the long way home, exploring the wetlands, being brave and riding via Fyshwick during Summernats and unbuilding ramps.


  1. 1: What is a rapid face bolter?
    2: (again) Good work on the ramp/de-ramping
    3: Muesli recipe please

  2. 1: I know!! But I don't know
    2: Thanks - turns out he now walks up and down the stairs well. I think he is TERRIFIED I will make the ramp again and is complying
    3: I will post recipe this week - I made it up so have to write it down or else I'll forget! Muesli - who knew how amazing it is!