Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today we went by the lake and sat in the sun eating gelati. There was a wedding party, of groom and groomsmen, wearing hats, sunglasses and dark suits - drinking pre wedding beer. We stayed to watch the bride walk in to a country and western song. My gelati melted in the sun. Her dad shed a tear. They got married in front of their friends and us spying at the back. One lady walked past and said "been there - done that". We didn't like her much.

The bride looked beautiful and she cried too. After they got married and there were more country tunes. And everyone lined up to say congratulations, except for us up the back. The man watching next to us explained to his little girl that men should be able to marry men, and women should be able to marry women. As long as they loved each other.

We should all be able to live happily ever after, just like the couple from Yass.

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