Monday, November 15, 2010

Places in America - Oliver Jeffers

I got this print! It was given to me. As a gift. I LOVE IT!
It is a signed print of a hand painted map of America, by Oliver Jeffers. It has pins.
I once criss-crossed around America a long long time ago. We drove up and down and around and around and I'm going to use the pins that go with this print to mark the states we drove through on that trip. I'll nearly use all 51 pins. It was a big long trip.


  1. Love it! After living in US for 6 years, S & I covered over 40 states. Very tempted to get this for him for Xmas or anniversary...or perhaps the 'world domination' map.
    Is that wrong to want the same art as I know someone else has?

  2. You should get it Brooke - especially after living in the US. It is such an amazing print in real life and would make a wonderful gift seeing you covered 40 states. I'm going to get my travel diary out and pin the path we took all those years ago.