Friday, November 19, 2010

Dieci e mezzo

Have you been to the new restaurant in the AGL Building on Bunda Street Canberra?

There seems to be a bit of hype with an ex Otto chef in the kitchens and a schmick fitout. Maybe I was expecting too much, and it isn't fine dining, but more on the casual side? Either way, I don't think it is too much to ask to be seated before questioned about still or sparking water. Nor is it too much to ask for a bit of time to settle before the main appears. We only had a few minutes to graze on our order of olives before my steak came out! There also seemed to be a self service on the wine and obtaining the bill to pay. I don't know, when the most expensive main on the menu is $45 I think it is fair to expect a little more.

On the plus side my minute steak was wonderful, cooked perfectly with discs of herb butter and a smatter of tiny crisp potato cubes. Plus they do a roast chicken for two, which brought back fond memories of one of the best meals I've ever eaten at Allard in Paris. I don't think I could do the chicken (nothing could do Allard justice) but I'd like to go back to try a more casual breakfast, or lunch.

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  1. I have seen that restaurant - near my work. We almost booked for a work lunch but I thought it may be too expensive for some. I'll try it one day, thanks for the review.