Thursday, November 4, 2010

One of a few hundred important crushes

Wow - James Freud. I had no idea.

I thought I'd try and find my old high school smash hits diary to find the bits where I said I was in love with James. But I just got home after a long day, and a trip up a ladder into my dark roof space didn't come up with the goods - and with that I give up and will just go from memory.

It was somewhere in the 80's and I was in the living room in Austria watching MTV. We didn't have MTV in Australia then - so watching it was a big deal. The Models were on high rotation. I guess Out of Mind Out of Sight was big in Germany. So I'd stay up to watch. I thought James Freud was such a looker. At that time I was so into music. You know, in an opinionated, teenage kind of way. I was really passionate about Australian music, and whenever they would come on the TV I would beam so much with pride I kind of got the shivers. Weird, and hard to explain - but do you know what I mean? Anyway, I still love the Models and I have Models Media in my computer to listen to, from time to time. I'm listening to it now. RIP James.

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