Wednesday, April 14, 2010

They got here in a ghost car

So Frank is my Dad and Heidi is his lady friend. They came so that Heidi could go to the Austrian Embassy down here, because at the one in Sydney - you have to take a lift.


There are a number of stories I could recount about the dinner we had. I will leave you with this one. It was in response to a simple question I had asked about where they had stopped from lunch on the way to Canberra.

H: We stopped at McDonalds, near Goulburn, you know... because it is clean.
F: Yeah, and I missed the turnoff and all of a sudden we were on the road to Sydney.
H: And you nearly killed us going up that one way street. You were like a ghost car.
F: No, it was alright, there were no cars coming. I didn't want to take the Sydney exit so I went down a one way street to get to McDonalds.
H: No, it wasn't alright, you were driving the wrong way on a one way street. When that happens in Austria they report it on the radio and tell people to watch out for the ghost car. They don't do that in Australia you know. You were the ghost car.
F: Even if there was a car coming it was daylight, they would have just moved over. It wasn't like the cars would have been going at 100 or anything on the exit ramp.
H: Ghost car!


  1. According to google they're actually called ghost drivers. Does this mean frank and Heidi were actually the ghosts?

  2. Really - there are ghost drivers?!? That is them alright.

  3. see: Geister Fahrer. An individual who drives going the wrong direction on an autobahn, often with headlights turned off at night. Usually a drunk driver, but can also be a suicide attempt, thrill seeker, or horrendus driver error.

  4. Apparently Heidi's not completely crazy. Weird huh!