Thursday, April 8, 2010

Glutton for punishment

So here is the thing. I keep EVERYTHING! Pretty much. And tonight I've started to go through over 13 years worth of stuff to sort it out and find it its right home.

So tonight I've braved the boxes. Well one small box.

What are the boxes? The boxes contain letters, postcards, notes to me from friends and from him. There are also notes to him. I didn't realise quite how many fucking bits of writing there were, and let me tell you - it is pretty heart smooshing to read about how much love there was apparently not very long ago. Anniversary cards, birthday cards and the random notes (those ones are the kicker). And then there are the cards from friends who I just don't hear from any more. I don't know why I don't, or what I've done - but they have just sort of vanished from my life. And because I'm talking about close friends, that makes me sad too. Hello spiral of sadness.

So you'll need to indulge me over the next few days, because quite frankly there are a lot more boxes to sort through. And then there are the photos...


  1. I get it, this thing you are doing.
    I get the painful happiness it makes you feel.

    & I'm here. xxoo

  2. Yes. I'm doing the same thing right now, unpacking boxes from my office/art space and finding bits of myself that shock me, and bits of others that bring me to tears. Ditto on the notes from close friends who have mostly vanished. Ditto on all the writing. I look back and think, "Did I really write this? Was I fucking insane?"

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  4. You are right - it is painful happiness. Well I hope I get to the happiness part because at the moment it is fleeting.

    Thanks to both of you for commenting. I'm glad to know that it isn't just me - though Jessica while I don't wish you tears, there is comfort in numbers! I'm just hoping the Japanese commenter thinks the same and isn't saying buck up and get over yourself :)

  5. I think of you every day and read every single one of your blog posts. I talk about you all the time to Stu and tell him how creative you are (seriously!) and how I love your yellow house in the u. I show him all your albums and tell him I want to be like you when I grow up. I am hopeless at staying in contact with anyone back home but my mid-year resolution is to make more of an effort. Still think of you as my big sis and promise to write a long email soon xx

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