Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poachers Pantry

Saturday lunch - beautiful autumn day, good company, and a relaxing afternoon at Poachers Pantry.

So what if the food is overpriced, and the waitstaff don't know what a skim long black was worth the money after one of the most ridiculous weeks possible, to get out of town and sit in the country for a few hours drinking sparkling shiraz.

I will say though, after visiting twice since Easter, I won't be back for a while. They need to calm the F down out in poachers town. There are a lot of staff working out there and they are all pretty keen to let you know what you can't do - really, really LOUDLY. Plus with their 'sweet things' menu featuring dishes at $17 a pop, you have to wonder where they are coming from. Fine dining it aint, and the pricing exceeds many of Canberra's top fine dining restaurants. I just think it is cheeky to charge those prices if you want people to return who aren't out of towners, and you are serving very casual food in a relaxed, casual environment.

Anyway. It was fun regardless.


  1. Maybe they don't know what a skinny long black is because it doesn't exist.

  2. Yeah it does exist. It is a skinny long black, without skim milk