Friday, April 23, 2010

One of the most ridiculous things my mother has ever said

That I should be careful when I travel alone, as there is the risk I will be kidnapped and end up as some sort of slave where I'm forced to marry a man with multiple wives.

I laughed

She didn't, and glared at me knowingly

Then I said I was just going to KL

Same glare

Then I said know KL, M A L A Y S I A

Apparently this sort of thing happens all the time there.

She asked if I was worried

I said I was worried, just not about travelling


  1. I'll protect you from polygamous kidnappers! No offence but I'm not sure either of us is in their target demographic anymore :)

  2. No offence taken. I thought she was kidding...sadly was not. I'll let her know closer to the date that you will save me. I'll just leave out the bit where you go back to Perth and leave me at risk of kidnap.

  3. I'll be sure that before we leave I find you a nice, strong man to protect you. There's no way that could backfire, right????