Monday, April 26, 2010


So to celebrate the long weekend, I took my Asian friend to Bungendore. Actually she took me there in her new car.

I stress her background as Asian, because she is really only semi Asian, and I'm trying to encourage her to embrace her Asian-ness as much as possible. Like at least 87% She certainly was attracted to the Chinese antiques in the ye - olde antique stores, and her new car is a toyota, so I feel our trip was quite the success.

The antique store at Bungendore has the most amazing wrought iron fences and furniture. It is all so beautiful, and weathered, and there a so many interesting pieces.

By way of contrast you could also buy this massive marble deer, or whatever that is above the deer...or this pretty lady below.

And after a busy day of antiquing, what better to do than play a game of Shadow. I popped it on the first go (using the first ball), but the ball kept on getting stuck and it is the most boring pinball machine in the world, so walked away from the chance of being the Shadow champion of Bungendore.

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