Sunday, May 24, 2009

That dress...

I'm just back from an overnight trip to Sydney. I went to celebrate the birthday of two friends from high school days. It was a bit like a school reunion, and it was great to catch up. There was one person there who I hadn't seen for years, and I didn't recognise him at first. We had a quick catch up, and after ten minutes or so he said  'Do you know... I still remember that dress!' 

I know you are probably looking at this stylish, classic dress and quietly agreeing with him. It is pretty frinken unforgettable. Though the reason he remembers this dress so vividly is that it fell down while we were dancing - causing quite the wardrobe malfunction. Boobs everywhere. 

I can't believe, after all these years, that is what he remembers me for.


  1. Mmm nice dress...... just wanted to say thanks for the lovely comments about Handmade. AND thanks for delaying your trip to come along. That is great. We had so much fun yesterday and I think it showed! Go Canberra

  2. This has totally made my day. Please tell me you still have it!

  3. Would you like to borrow it for your next formal event? Can be arranged with a little bit of taking in...