Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finders keepers

Some of my friends are quick to tease me about my habit of finding and collecting bits and pieces. I used to walk to Lyneham shops nearly every workday with Stacey, and at least once a week I'd look down and find a shiny bottle cap, or an interesting piece of wood. It got to the stage where she would laugh and point out any old piece of rubbish for me to pick up...but to me I saw treasures.

I often hang on to this stuff for years before I use it, though the print below was a different story. It was from that sketchbook I talked about yesterday. Last night, when I opened it up this matchbook fell out, and I remembered the day at uni that I found that pretty box on the floor. It was just before my etching class and I used that image straight away. I loved the design of the boy under the sun and the colours and texture of the old worn box.

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