Friday, May 29, 2009

Real life is better

I started writing this post a few weeks ago when I was under a little dark cloud.

Isn't it funny how sometimes the world feels so so small, but then at other times it feels like everything and everyone is so far away.

I have friends scattered around all over the place, and even more so at the moment. The joys of our virtual world means I can chat daily, share laughs, pictures, funny stories...and it is nice to feel so close. But sometimes doing all those things makes the same people feel so far away. I don't know, maybe it just makes you more aware of what you are missing out on?

A step up from the virtual world is talking on the phone or skype, but even then, it isn't the same as sitting out the back on the rug, drinking beer in the summer sun.

It certainly isn't the same as sharing a cup of tea and talking about our little world.

It definately isn't the same as a late night on the town - full of fun and adventure.

Last week I caught up with a friend I had last seen in Amsterdam, nearly 3 years ago or more. When I hugged her I whispered that I had missed her so so much. Thinking about it though, even if she was in Australia, I wouldn't have necessarily seen her a lot. I think I was more sentimental because so much has changed since I saw her on that holiday, and even though I don't talk or write so often, she is often in my thoughts. I'm not sure that any of it matters, because either way it was lovely to see her, as well as other friends where you can easily just pick off where you left things - no matter how much time has passed.

Tonight I'm catching up with a special friend who moved to the other side of Australia a few months ago. I miss her (and her boy), but now it seems
my virtual world has come to life.

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  1. yeah it cetainly puts social networks in to perspective nothing beats the real thing