Thursday, May 14, 2009


Some friends of mine are travelling through Europe, and an email yesterday made me think about my trips to Spain. The first time I was in Madrid, I didn't really take to the city. On the surface, it isn't as pretty as other cities in Spain, but I don't think it was that - I think I was overwhelmed by all the movement and activity.

I'm not sure how to describe it. Madrid has beauty, but it also has that big city grit and hustle. But that isn't it either...Madrid is big trying to fit into small. Small squares filled with hundreds of people enjoying the afternoon sun. Tiny balconies in the city centre, home of the worlds biggest dogs. Small cobble stoned streets, with cars parked up the gutters and people lurching from one tapas bar to the next.

Maybe it was just that Madrid wasn’t what I was expecting that first time, because when I returned I fell in love with all of that big.

Here is a photo taken on that first trip, of a big plaza hidden behind the myriad of small alcoves, underneath the arches. I miss my gypsies.

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