Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The pinky promise...

How to make 4 hours of Eurovision fly by? Have two single girls brainstorm the number of ways to meet normal single guys in a place like Canberra. The list of possibilities was long.The four hours flew by. The short list is…umm short. And why was this a hot topic of conversation? Well, I was reminded of the promise I made a few months ago. The promise that if I had not gone on a date by the end of June then action would need to be taken…that action was to be speed dating.
Without apportioning blame, we think the problem lies pretty firmly with Canberra guys. Men - you need to be more forward, without being pushy.And why be nice to us if you are married, already going out with someone, or gay? We already have enough platonic male friends so just frick off. Look, if you do insist on befriending us (because we are pretty awesome), spend some time thinking about your own single male friends and maybe just set it up. You make other  stuff work; just think of it like organising a football team.  But don’t be too obvious or awkward about it. 
We aren’t desperate you know.


  1. Mmmm not sure I can help you in the dating game, although I never say never. Welcome to Handmade blog though. Come along Sat and see if you find a guy that likes to shop!

  2. I'm never obvious or awkward...
    and you've been through every single dude on my football team already...
    some of them twice.