Monday, May 11, 2009

Screenprinting Sketchbook

I was flicking through my journals and came across some old sketchbooks from university. Some of the images still resonate throughout my work today (like using text in my work, drawing hearts, and the shape of a snowdome) which is interesting considering I hadn't realised or remembered. I was doing okay looking at these drawings. Nothing to 
be embarrassed about here. Nup, no cringing...until I read the words. Why do these words seem so familiar? How could I remember those words seeing I hadn't looked at those books for years? 
Why? Because none of them were mine. The first page begins ' I know you, you are too short, you have bad skin, you couldn't talk to them very well. Words didn't seem to work. They played dirty tricks on you when they came out of your mouth. You tried so hard to understand them. You wanted to be part of what was going on.' I go on and on for an entire foolscap page. And another. Thank you Mr Henry Rollins.

A few more pages in and I'm relieved to see words that don't ring any real bells until 'it was hard to find, oh well, whatever. Nevermind.' Oh my god, could I 
have been any more predictable? Looking closely at the words on that drawing it seems I have...well, kind of composed a medley of text from Nirvana's Nevermind album.

Later on there is also a reference to some lyrics from the Hummingbirds - though I could have probably gotten away with that one. Actually it isn't a reference, I copied from the song 'Get on Down'. Only one sentence 'You told my friends about the chariot I rode'.  Not so bad, except if my memory serves me correct I used many of their lyrics in an entire series of paintings. Oops. You can hear and watch the song on You Tube. Go look at what I stole, it will make me feel better.

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